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NOVEL Group provides an integrated package of vocational training services.Training sessions tailored to the educational needs of every business, effectively enhancing the skills of staff and improving their effectiveness.


NOVEL Group provides services for business development and the efficient organization of all the sectors in order to ensure better and more efficient management and to increase their productivity​

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NOVEL Group supports technology change and digital strategy. Our team has experience in Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Internet Security, new IT, Digital Transformation and more​
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NOVEL Group is a company that offers innovative services in the field of entrepreneurship, vocational training and new technologies. As a Consulting Company and a certified Vocational Training Centre based in Luxembourg, it offers expert knowledge across a wide range of activities. Our purpose is to reach the highest possible quality standards of the projects we undertake, maximizing efficiency

NOVEL Group is an IT Consulting company specialised in the design, development and management of tailor-made digital solutions, utilising state-of-the art tools and methods that ensure both effectiveness and flexibility. The company’s objectives are described by its motto “Uncover Your Skills”, revealing that continuous research and development are the cornerstone of its activities.

NOVEL Group is also a Vocational Training Center that provides an integrated package of training services, promotion to the employment and development of entrepreneurship to European, National and local bodies, as well as to private enterprises and organizations. Indicative sectors are: Finance and Management, Informatics, Tourism, Arts and Cultural Studies, Creative Economy and Agricultural professions.

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The pervasive drive for what is familiar and known. Without disengaging the prevailing mindset or system of beliefs, anything new will immediately be retranslated into the old way of thinking and acting, or will just be ignored.


A new framework in order to approach the intended work area. Breakthrough and/or innovation tools are used to facilitate very stimulating, focused, new conversations, designing the desired future and establishing true commitment.


Execute and deliver the intended measurable results quickly through proprietary methods for Breakthrough Projects, delivering innovation, rapid work redesign, transformational leadership, enabling successful change, and workforce engagement.

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Inter-University Centre of Dubrovnik Croatia

“We have collaborated with the NOVEL Group on the EU project WITEA-ID, in which we were both partners. We can confirm that the associates of the NOVEL Group are experts with extensive knowledge of EU project implementation, quality monitoring, promotion and evaluation. Also, their knowledge in the field of digitization in education is noticeable, not only in theory but also in implementation and inventive use of these fast-developing technologies”.

Symplexis Greece

“Having cooperated with NOVEL Group for 5+ years in a number of project and initiatives, we greatly appreciate the knowledge and experience that they bring. Their level of work is outstanding and they are always a pleasure to do business with”.

EUROTraining Greece

“We have developed a great partnership with NOVEL Group and we would like to mention that their commitment in the implementation of EU projects is noteworthy. They are experts in launching operational digital tools and they contribute to the enhancement of a project’s quality, as they always manage to bring an innovative perspective”.


“CESIE has collaborated with NOVEL Group on several European projects focusing on topics such as fostering greener initiatives in VET and the development and promotion of micro-credentials in VET. They are committed to ensuring high quality of project results utilising their expertise in the field of vocational training services. It is always a pleasure to work with the team at NOVEL whose professionalism and dedication adds value to any consortium”.

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